We’re the family painting business you can trust

I’m Walter Thomas Wrona, and I’m the owner of White Ladder Decorating, Inc. I’m a working boss with over 30 years of experience. I have 4 employees who have worked for me on average for 16 years. I carry full liability insurance and workers compensation.  My company specializes in painting and masonry, but we do just about everything. 

As a kid, I was introduced to all areas of construction from a young age. My father was a plumber and had many friends in the trades.  So, I worked in construction over the weekends and each summer starting at the age of 10. This is where my passion for the trades developed. That passion led me to start my own business as a teenager to pay my way through college. During those college years, my business really started to grow. So, I made the decision to build upon it. In those early years, I was fortunate to earn the trust of a couple of realtors and worked on numerous jobs for them. Those relationships have remained strong and I continue to work for them today